Family Plans!

  • The Mako Membership

    Every month
    The basic plan and affordable! For($25 a Week)
    Valid for 12 months
    • Weed Trimming
    • Sidewalk and Driveway Edging
    • Cleanup
  • The Tiger Membership

    Every month
    The perfect lawn care plan if you have hedges ($40 a Week)
    Valid for 12 months
    • Includes Lawn Mowing
    • Weed Trimming
    • Sidewalk, Driveway Edging and Bed Edging
    • Hedge Trimming for plants 6ft and under
    • Cleanup
  • Best Value

    The Great White

    Every month
    The highest quality service with the best benefits!
    Valid for 12 months
    • Includes Lawn Mowing
    • Weed Trimming
    • Driveway, Sidewalk and Plant Bed Edging
    • Fertilizer Every 6 Months*
    • Hedge Trimming for Plants 10ft and Under**
    • Free Irrigation Repairs Under $50**
    • Small to Medium Plant Removal Anytime**
    • Ornamental Care***(Your sweet succulent plants and flowers)
    • Personal Garden Upkeep and Recommendations **
    • I will plant and harvest fruits and vegetables you buy**
  • Lawn Aeration

    This opens your lawn in dry areas for water and nutrients.
    • Includes
    • Lawn Aeration
    • De-thatching
    • For Residential properties under 1 Acre
    • **Recommended Usage**
    • -If FL heat is killing your lawn
    • -If you are going to fertilize so that lawn properly absorbs
    • -If your lawn is patchy and ground will not absorb water
    • -If you want the best lawn in the neighborhood overtime.
  • Lawn Repair

    500 Sqft and Under. Larger Areas will need Estimate
    • Repair Patchy Lawn
    • Seed or Sod (Seed in Spring)
  • Keep My Yard Green!!

    Every month
    Fertilizer and Irrigation Monitoring (6 Month Process)
    Valid for 6 months
    • Perlite, Nitrogen and the Stuff Grass Loves
    • For a Dark Green Luscious Lawn
    • (Recommend Aeration to Keep Lawn Absorbent)